Greasy Denim Riding Jacket

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The slick "greasy" jacket allows you to ride with maximum comfort and protection. It has been
manufactured by experts and has been specially developed for riders. Protections on shoulders, elbows, and back will make you feel safe at all times. Not to forget the jacket’s longer back which provides a better cover.
Best of all, the mix of denim with aramid (single layer) allows you to wear the jacket every day and everywhere – on your bike or even without your bike. Thanks to this fabric you not only feel safe on the bike but also stylish when having a stroll through the streets. Couldn’t a rider ask for more?
Zippers on the forearms provide a perfect fit while riding, so does the motorcycle collar type on the neck. Pockets on the inside and outside (buttons as well as zippers) complete the functionality.
With this CE-approved jacket, nothing and no one can stop you.